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CATEGORY: Business of the Year
Emile Adaimy | http://www.adaimy.com/

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Company Description:

Adaimy Studios specializes in creating concepts and providing visual content for a wide variety of industries around the world.
What makes them unique is that they have been operating as an Advertising Agency and a Production House for over 20 years.
They create new concepts for TV ads, 3D projection Mapping Shows or Interactive Installations, as well as concert and stage experiences for Opening Ceremonies, Musicals and Theatre Shows.
They recently started Producing and Directing their own Feature Movies and Shorts to promote Lebanon's heritage and history through beautifully crafted animations.
One thing in common to all our projects: passion.

Entrepreneur Biography:

Emile Adaimy is the Owner of Adaimy Studios (1998) and the Co-Owner of 3D Mapping Factory (2012). He has a passion for Arts, Animation, Music and Visual Storytelling.
He graduated from Ecole Emile Cohl, an Animation School based in Lyon, in 1994 (Superior Studies Diploma in Graphic Arts).
He co-founded the Alba University’s Animation Department in 2006 where he has been teaching until today.
He is currently the Vice-President of the Syndicate of Professional Graphic Designers and Illustrators in Lebanon (SPGIL).
He started his career working as a cartoonist and illustrator for several media publications. He also illustrated children books.
After attending a training At Multi Dimensional Studios, UTAH, in 1996, he discovered his passion for new technologies. He founded Adaimy Studios, one of the first 3D animation Studios in the Middle-East.
He created worlds and visuals for clients such as Ferrari, Disneyland Paris, K21 Museum in Dusseldorf, McDonald's, Coca Cola, Total, Mercedes Benz, Renault, BMW and Lagardère Group/Amsterdam Airport.
His biggest asset is his curiosity, and his ability to put every new technology available at the service of strong artistic storytelling.

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