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CATEGORY: Tech Innovation of the Year
Rodolph Bekerejian | https://www.ecomz.com/

Votes: 884

Company Description:

Ecomz is an end-to-end ecommerce store builder with multi-channel capabilities allowing merchants to easily create their own online store, add their products, customize their website, and start selling everywhere in no time!

It’s a SAAS platform, completely hosted in the cloud. It is fast, user-friendly, cost effective, secure and reliable. It helps merchants succeed online, without requiring technical skills, by offering a wide range of built-in essential and advanced features such as localized payment and shipping solutions, multilingual and multi-currency integrations, and much more!

Entrepreneur Biography:

As a young child, Rudy witnessed his family struggle in an unstable economic situation. The only solution was to leave the country in search of a brighter future.

In Canada, Rudy finished his studies as a Computer Software Engineer and instead of seeking employment just like his friends; his entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to start his own projects.

The thought of going back to his home country never left his mind but he couldn’t return empty handed. In 2007, the ecommerce sector was maturing! Rudy used his acquired expertise and knowledge to solely focus on online trading. Sure enough, he was able to succeed!

It was time to take the business to a new level but it had to be done in Lebanon. Rudy came back in 2015 and with the help of his partner Amer Tabbara, they were able to make their dream come true; an advanced ecommerce platform perfectly tailored for the country and the region!

Being an outsider for so long, Rudy was able to see the issue that was never resolved and now, coming back to a struggling country, he made sure to tackle the same economic problem that made him leave as a young man!

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