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Eshmoon Holistics

CATEGORY: Business of the Year
Samer Tutunji | http://eshmoon.com/

Votes: 2998

Company Description:

Eshmoon Holistics; a company that produces innovative healthy food products found in the marketplace as off-the-shelf, gift items and ready-to-eat items. The product range now comprises of more than 90 SKUs distributed under 7 categories, with its best-selling products being chocolate, Coffee and cereals. The products are formulated based on locally sourced ingredients as well as natural and organic imported ingredients. All Eshmoon products are formulated to be Sugar-free, Gluten-free and Dairy-free. The innovation is in the formulation as well as in the branding that’s why Eshmoon holds a very local signature and taste which could qualify it to be a Product of Origin. The branding is responsible and ecofriendly using reusable items like glass jars and printing on locally recycled paper reflecting an earthy image to the brand. Eshmoon now has a concept store (Jdeideh) and is distributing in more than 70 points of sales including online stores.

Entrepreneur Biography:

With a major in Chemistry and a Masters in Biotechnology and with experience in biodiversity studies and chocolate making, Samer’s affinity to Nature and healthy food habits led him to do develop his first healthy chocolate line based on locally sourced ingredients (carob molasses). Eshmoon started as a concept in 2012 with Samer Tutunji; who finished his training in cosmetic formulation; wanted to develop a line of organic cosmetics. Starting with a small premises at his parent’s factory and with a budget gathered from previous work savings and family donations, Eshmoon’s first product saw the light: a line of vegetable oil soap and shampoo. It proofed a good deal of success and its recurrent customers were growing slowly, however after some trial and error on the market, a new charming product; the chocolate truffles was born and it slowly bypassed the sales of soap. Samer chose to expand the chocolate and alternative food line at Eshmoon, building on his knowledge in formulation and his expertise in the chocolate industry. Now Eshmoon is an established and growing name in the healthy alternative food arena. With a vision to become a reference in the holistic food area, Samer continues to expand Eshmoon’s product range and is slowly working to reach out his innovative creations to a growing audience inside and outside Lebanon. In addition to his vocation at Eshmoon, Samer continues to practice and teach yoga as a vocation and a lifestyle while organizing regular group trips to Nepal.

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