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Lebanese Recycling Works

CATEGORY: Business of the Year
Elie Debs |

Votes: 649

Company Description:

LRW is Lebanon’s leading plastics recycler, and a prominent provider of waste management and environmental services.
We recycle over 45 types of plastics to ensure we offer our clients the flexibility and precision they need to fulfill their needs and grow their businesses, where we pride ourselves with the exceptional quality of our products.
We also partner with our municipalities and government to provide integrated waste management and environmental services. From waste sorting to disposal, coupled with 30 years of experience that we bring to bear, we are leaders in Lebanon’s sustainability agenda, striving to keep our communities healthy and clean.

Entrepreneur Biography:

Elie Debs is a Partner and General Manager of the Lebanese Recycling Works (LRW) where his responsibilities include chairing the Assembly of Partners, representing LRW towards its shareholders (partners), managing the company, designing its strategic direction, and interacting with its customers.
With more than 30 years with the firm, Mr. Debs is one of the original founders of LRW’s legacy, the Debs Commercial Establishment.
Mr. Debs is a proven entrepreneur, industry expert, thought leader, and people developer, with a passion for innovation.
Mr. Debs holds a B.E. and M.E. in Civil Engineering from the St. Joseph University in Lebanon. He started his career in contracting in 1984 and continues to carry a passion for civil engineering and architecture which he still performs as a part-time hobby.

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