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Screens International

CATEGORY: Business of the Year
Joseph Akiki | http://screens.tv/

Votes: 6253

Company Description:

Screens International was established in 1991 and for 27 years it has been the leading pioneer in localization services in the middle-east. Its large market share allows it to have and keep a strong presence in region.
The success of Screens can be attributed to the strong quality of the Arabic language that its team possesses along with the quick turnaround of deliveries.
Screens was and remains to this day the leading innovator in the localization field especially with the launch of several unique services such as: Cloud subtitling platform, Screens On Demand service

Entrepreneur Biography:

Joseph Akiki received his education from the Morley college of Business, and from the start he aspired to be an entrepreneur.
His business ventures started in England where he managed a series of family owned restaurants and then went on to what is considered the doorway to the localization field; which is content distribution.
Joseph Akiki always dreamt of going back to his roots in Lebanon and establishing his own business. And with that came the launch of Screens International.

Since that day, he always wanted his company to be leading the field of innovation in the localization industry. He accomplished that by having a reputable company with clients all over the world.
Joseph Akiki continuously finds ways in which to strengthen his company and grow the market share it has acquired over the past 27 years

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