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CATEGORY: Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Reine Abbas | http://arcade.spicatechacademy.com/

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Company Description:

Spica tech is an academy that uses video games disciplines to teach kids and teens STEAM and Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur Biography:

With more than fifteen years in the gaming industry and eleven years in higher education, I founded Wixel Studios in 2008 with Ziad Feghali and Karim Abi Saleh. It was the first Indie gaming company in Lebanon and one of the first in the Middle East.

Under my leadership, Wixel studios raised equity funds from 2 Lebanese high profile investors to create our products for the international market.

I founded Spica Tech Academy for kids and teens to target education in 2014, the fundamental and most important pillar in the gaming industry. The project is lead by game veterans and educators, with the professional support of Wixel Studios.

Spica Tech aims at teaching kids (5+), teenagers and university young adults game development as a way to reshape Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Alongside my Wixel role, I’m a tutor and advisor for some of the most talented Lebanese students in two major private universities in Lebanon, Balamand (ALBA) and the Holy Spirit University (USEK) in which I created the animation curriculum for the multimedia MA students.

Honors and Awards:

- Winner of the WIT Women in Technology Award 2010

- Speaker at TEDx Beirut 2011

- Selected one of  The top 20 Lebanese entrepreneurs by executive magazine

- Winner of the WOW award for artistic expressions 2013 (6th New Arab Woman Forum)

- Selected one of the most 5 powerful women in gaming by inc.com in 2013

- Selected one of 25 Awesome Women in Gaming in 2014

- Selected one of Top 10 High Profile Women in Video Games in 2014

- Selected one of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Arab Women in 2014


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