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CATEGORY: Tech Innovation of the Year
Audrey Nakad | http://www.synkers.com/

Votes: 818

Company Description:

Synkers is a mobile platform that connects students with highly qualified tutors on the spot. Parents, high school and university students can find and book a qualified tutor in less than 30 seconds based on their preferences (price, rating, location, etc.). On Synkers app, you can find a tutor who took the same course, in the same university or school and maybe with the same professor. Once the appointment is scheduled, you can meet your tutor either in-person or online.

Synkers vision is to change the way we learn by introducing an adaptive learning technology that is accessible to all learners.

Entrepreneur Biography:

Audrey Nakad, who is the CEO and co-founder of Synkers, was only 18 years old when she left Lebanon to pursue a bachelor degree in Finance at Concordia University. At 19, she decided to open her painting business as she saw a significant opportunity in Montreal. In less than nine months, after having generated revenue of 200 000, she sold the business to focus on her degree.  A year before graduating, she was chosen to become part of the Rotational Leadership Development Program at Sun Life Financial to develop her leadership skills.

One day, her sister came to her to ask for a private tutor. She realized at this moment that her sister wasn’t the only student finding it tough to get a qualified tutor. Audrey and her sister wanted to solve this problem in three simple steps, so they thought of creating an educational platform “Synkers,” which connects students to tutors. Her passion for the idea and the entrepreneurship journey led her to quit her job and leave everything behind to start Synkers. She has been running Synkers for more than two years and creating an essential impact in the education industry.

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