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CATEGORY: Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Maya Zankoul | http://wezank.com/

Votes: 200

Company Description:

At wezank, we explain ideas with beautiful videos. Whether you have an app, a project, or just a cool idea, we analyze it and simplify it into a short 60-sec or less video. We love it and want to do this everyday for the rest of our lives. Through our work we’ve been part of so many innovative, inspiring, illuminating projects. We’ve gained so much experience and insight into how businesses and ideas work, and apply this know-how to help our clients achieve their goals.

Entrepreneur Biography:

Maya Zankoul is a Lebanese illustrator and author. She has published several best-selling comic books: Amalgam (2009), Amalgam vol. 2 (2010), based on her blog of the same name, and Beirut-New York (2016). Her books were translated to Italian and her work has been exhibited internationally. The success of her illustrations led her to found explainer video studio wezank in 2013 with partner Toni Yammine. She has led wezank to quickly become the reference in explainer videos in the region, producing videos for clients in Lebanon and all over the world. Their clients include multinational companies, global banks, NGOs, startups, and more. At wezank she has also self-produced the first animated web series in Lebanon: Beirut+ TV. Through wezank, she is launching a new online channel producing animated Arabic content for children: Lila TV. She continues to illustrate in her free time and sells her art through her online shop, in addition to managing wezank.

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