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Ms. Roula MOUSSA

CATEGORY: Tech Innovation of the Year
Netways - Venturesome Investor, Founder

An Arab venturesome investor and innovator. Mrs. Roula Moussa started at a very young age right after her graduation from the engineering school as an entrepreneur and turned challenges of being a Woman in Tech into opportunities. She founded Netways, the pioneer of internet technologies and innovation in the MENA region and successfully grew the company by acquisitions and joint ventures to achieve global reach. Her contributions have been acknowledged and lauded, repeatedly, with honorary awards that include “The Lebanese Outstanding Women” in 2012 and “The Forbes 200 most powerful women in the Arab world” listing in 2014.

Mrs. Moussa realized the importance of the digital economy and focused on innovation, technology advancement and entrepreneurship as key driving forces behind economic growth and building the technology expertise of the MENA Youth.

Mrs. Moussa contributed in founding the Lebanese Association for Rural development and the Talentways program that are working to help youth discover their talents and pursue further opportunities in the ICT industry. She is constantly creating and supporting innovative initiatives that are experimenting with new approaches to global problems, including the changing nature of employability and the socio-economic development of the MENA region.

Quote: “Brilliant Lebanese Awards has played a major role to foster entrepreneurship in order to drive economic development in Lebanon. It has successfully supported the entrepreneurship ecosystem and I am very proud to participate in this brilliant event year after year and watch the participants grow their businesses, achieve great level of success and create new jobs in the market. Starting and/or growing a business in Lebanon can be challenging, our role is to provide insight, valuable mentoring, guidance and sharing experiences that could help innovators or new companies move forward.”