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Mr. Driss Belemlih

CATEGORY: Business of the Year, Tech Innovation of the Year, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
MasterCard - Senior Vice President & Head of Customer Delivery Middle East and Africa

Driss Belemlih is the Senior Vice President of Customer Delivery in the Middle East and Africa for MasterCard.

Mr. Belemlih has held various positions during his tenure at MasterCard, ranging from Customer Delivery in the Middle East and North Africa, franchise development across South Asia, Middle East and Africa, to prepaid product and driving the MasterCard’s New Consumers Strategy, building and executing the long term plan to bring millions of new customers onto the MasterCard network with solutions that help the underserved consumers across Middle East Africa gain access to mainstream financial services through the development and deployment of innovative products and delivery channels for all the stakeholders in this area, being governments, corporations, none governmental organizations, merchants, issuers and consumers.

He has also been involved in customer host certifications, project management, rules and compliance and risk management. With more than 18 years of payments industry experience, he has extensive knowledge of transaction processing, ecosystem build, cards industry rules and compliance, product development and management, project management, product innovation, and budget management.

He holds a Bachelor degree in Finance from the University of Florida, U.S.A.


Driss has been with the company for 18 years and is a great example of someone who has broadened his experience by making several functional moves across the business. He started out in Customer Delivery and subsequently moved to different roles across Franchise Development and Product. Within Product, he has also changed roles from Prepaid to Consumer Products (Credit & Debit).