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CATEGORY: Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Banque Du Liban - Executive Director, Head of Banking Department

Mr. Choucair is an active member of the Open Market Committee and the Early Warning Committee and a contributor to Doing Business-World Bank.

Mr. Choucair has organized and participated in a number of conferences and seminars held jointly with IMF, AMF, World Bank, EIB and IFC.

Previously, he launched initiatives to promote micro-credit, lending to SME's and the establishment of Registry for Movable Assets, the financial statement center for corporate and out of court workout.

Mr. Choucair is responsible for public credit registry, unpaid checks center, examination of banks' applications for the establishment of new branches and other requests, supervision of the financial situation of banks and their sources and use of funds, cost of funds and interest revenues, analysis of credits granted by the depository institutions to the private and public sector, utilization of the legal reserve requirement in order to encourage banks to lend to special economic activities, and amelioration and deterioration of loan portfolio of the banking sector.

Mr. Choucair is a member of several Executive Committees:

  • Member of the Open Market Committee.
  • Member of Basel Implementation Committee
  • Member of Early Warning Committee
  • Contributor to Doing Business- World Bank.
  • Member of the Arab Monetary Fund Committee for Credit Reporting.
  • Member of the Arab Monetary Fund Committee for Financial Inclusion.