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2018 Winners

Finalists - Business of the Year

Finalists - Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

Finalists - Tech Innovation of the Year

Press Release

BLC Bank hosts its 7th edition of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards.

Kassar: We remain committed to supporting the Lebanese Economy.

On Thursday November 15 2018, the 7th edition of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards was carried out during a gala dinner at Casino du Liban in the presence of high level invitees from the political, economic , social and media sectors.

A new category was added to this year's edition being "Tech Innovation of the year". This award is dedicated to any business activity that is based on digital or innovative technologies. This includes, but is not limited to, patent and intellectual property owners and companies that operate using modern technologies. Mr. Kassar stated: " we reconfirm our support to Lebanese entrepreneurs and we congratulate all the finalists for their success. The Tech Innovation of the Year award was added this year due to the increasingly important role this sector is playing in the National Economy. Thus, as a Bank, we are able to honor the success and contributions of Lebanese men and women from all over the country no matter the domain they excel in. In spite of everything, we still believe in a Brilliant Lebanon." This year, "Screens international" founded by Joseph Akiki won the Business of the Year award, "AMB contracting” founded by Rania Abou Mosleh won the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year while Hassane Slaibi’s

"Roadie Tuner" received the Tech Innovation of the Year award. The 3 winners received a cash prize of $30,000 each. The People's Choice Award was attributed to Shadi S. Saad "Blue Sound " with a cash prize of $5,000. It should be noted that this event requires preparation for almost a year. After receiving all applications available on BLC Bank's website and at all its branches, a committee conducted an assessment and selected 15 candidates who made it to the final stage of the competition. The candidates go through a succession of stages, during which they are offered guidance, advice and training. The jury then selects the winners according to 4 criteria: creativity (30%), financials and performance (30%), sustainability and scalability (25%) and social impact (15%). The jury includes representatives from the Central Bank of Lebanon, Berytech, Endeavor Lebanon, Kafalat, the International Finance Corporation IFC, the Lebanese American University LAU, the American University of Beirut AUB, the Lebanese League for Women in Business LLWB, RDCL world as well as successful entrepreneurs with only one seat allocated to BLC Bank. The Brilliant Lebanese Awards are one of the most important services provided by BLC Bank to SMEs and business owners. They are part of a 360 degree approach which lies in 4 pillars: financing, advisory, training and exposure.